Color Savvy tools help you choose colors quickly, easily and accurately

The Mobile Match and Color Advisor precisely scan colors, bringing the speed, power and convenience of digital electronics to the selection process.

Scanning precisely captures a color

Whether you need to match an existing color or make sure a new color will look good with it, digital scanning is the only way to capture the color exactly...without any effect from the surroundings or ambient lighting

What happens after I scan a color?

Mobile Match

After you scan a color, the Mobile Match searches all of the colors in the internal digital fan deck for the closest match, which it displays on the screen

Color Advisor

After scanning the colors that will not change (up to 10), scan one of the possible new colors.  The Color Advisor will analyze its compatibility and either show a "Love it!" screen, or, the "Try instead" screen if there is a similar color that may be more compatible.

Designed for simplicity, built for precision

Pick colors with confidence

Make every project your best project. Find the perfect color quickly, easily and accurately with the Mobile Match and Color Advisor tools.